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When a workflow form is submitted or approved at a specific step there are often other members of the staff or outside parties that should be notified. ARMS can build custom email notifications to be sent to:

  • Members of a specified Process Role

  • Individual Members of the University Staff

  • Email Addresses belonging to individuals outside of the University

Requesting Workflow Form Custom Email Notifications

Requests for custom email notifications should be sent to the ARMS Support Team at with the following information:

  • Workflow Form Name

  • Step at which the email should be sent

  • Does the email only get delivered based on the answer to a specified question

  • Who should receive the email (can be Submitter, specified Roles, Users, or direct email addresses)

  • Who should the email be from

  • Subject of the email (can contain fields from the form, e.g. Sport, Name)

  • Are there any fields within the form that should be included in the body of the email as a list or should the full content of the workflow be sent

  • If there should be an introductory paragraph in the email, provide the text (note fields from the workflow can display within the body of the text as well)

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