Module: Administration
Page: Security

New ARMS Customers:

If you are a new ARMS customer, ARMS will import your full user list. This can be provided in spreadsheet format (.xls/.csv) and sent to your Account Manager or our Support Team at

Required Information Fields:

  • Name (First & Last)

  • Title

  • Sport (if applicable)

  • University Email Address

Optional Information Fields:

  • Mobile Phone Number

  • Work Phone Number

  • Employee ID Number

Existing Customers:

If you are simply updating your user directory and adding a single user, ad hoc, you can do so within the Administration module.

  • Click on the Security page

  • You will be on the tab for Users

  • Click on the Add User button at the top, right. You will be guided through a 3 Step setup

Step 1

Enter the User's Basic Information. Note: the email address will become the username unless the Department is setup for Single Sign-On through the university. 

Step 2

Add Access & Process Roles. These define a user's access to information in ARMS and their access to workflow forms.

For more information about how Access Roles & Process Roles work in ARMS, view Security Permissions and Using Process Roles 

Helpful Hint: You can optionally select to emulate and existing active or non-active user in ARMS. This will copy all of their Access and Process Roles to the new user, as well as add that new user to an staff groups the selected user was a member of.

Step 3

Confirm User's Details

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