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Module: Team, Calendar
​Page: Playing Season, My Calendar

Coaches and Administrators can log their activities directly on the Playing Season or My Calendar tab to be tracked for internal scheduling, and Countable Athletically Related Activities (CARA).

Add New Event

From the Team module:

  • Click on the page for Playing Season

  • Click on the Add Event button at the top, right of the page

  • Enter all required fields about the single event

From the My ARMS module:

  • Click on the page for My Calendar

  • Click on the Add Event button at the top, left of the page

  • If you have access to multiple sports, you must select a sport to associate the event with.

  • Enter all required fields about the single event

    Note: Recruiting activities can be added to a calendar from the My Calendar tab.

Pro Tip: you can also do this from your Team Roster! Click HERE!

Event Details

On the Add Event modal:

  • Search for a specific roster group or individuals

    • When adding a group, you will have the option to add the members of a group individually. Coaches and Administrators can be added as participants to events.

    • When creating departmental events, Administrators can add student-athletes from other sports into a single event.

  • Select your event type; click on the More.... button to see additional event types.

  • If "Competition" event type, check the box for "Competed" if the athlete will participate in the competition.

  • The CARA tab on the Create Event screen will only populate if the event type selected is CARA.

Helpful Hint: Does this event occur at the same time with the same participants on a set schedule? Click the Repeat Event checkbox to set the days the event occurs, the number of weeks, and the date at which it stops occurring. NOTE: the dates listed in the Start Date and End Date field need to match. The only date field that should have a different date is the date field associated with Until in the second row.

Pro Tip: ARMS can import your competition schedule annually. Send an Excel Spreadsheet with the following fields to Sport, Event Date, Opponent, Home vs. Away, Start Time

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