Module Used: Administration
Page: Compliance

As a new ARMS customer and at the start of each Academic Year, the Department will be responsible for setting up the dates of the University's academic year (i.e Start/End Dates, Exam Periods, Vacation Periods).

These dates will drive compliance rules for team events and activities, as well as create Years & Terms with which to associate rosters.

Creating the Academic Year

From the Administration module:

  • Click on the page for Compliance

  • Click to Add New Academic Year (if not already setup)

  • Name the Academic Year and Enter the Dates and Save (Add this Academic Year)

Edits can be made to the saved dates in the Academic Year by clicking Edit to the left of the Name of the saved year. Please note that this will cause the Compliance Rules to re-run against all saved activities.

Create Terms for the Academic Year

  • Click on the Academic Year Name

  • ¬†Click Add Academic Term to enter each individual term (i.e. Fall, Spring, Summer, etc.)

  • Click to add Vacation Periods (important for CARA reporting)¬†

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