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Student-Athletes: Getting Started in ARMS
Student-Athletes: Getting Started in ARMS
A guide for logging in
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Welcome to ARMS! Your ARMS account will allow you to fill out workflows assigned by your athletic department/coaching staff, view your calendar, and communicate with your coaches via messaging.

Accessing ARMS:

Logging in via

Imported Student-Athletes (bulk added via spreadsheet)

  • Student-Athletes will not receive an automatic email from ARMS.

  • Username will be the School Email or the email provided

  • Temporary Password will the be athlete's University ID

Manually Added Student-Athletes

  • New student-athletes will  receive an email with a link to log into ARMS. Their temporary password will be their University ID if entered during setup. 

Logging in via Single Sign On (SSO):  

SSO allows you to log into your ARMS account using your school username and password.

  • Begin by selecting your university, type in your organization's name in the box. This will then direct you to your school's SSO portal. Enter your school username and password.

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