Module: Recruiting
Page: High Schools

Searching for High Schools from the High School page

There are multiple ways to find a high school in the system. To begin your search, go to the High Schools page of the Recruiting module.

Global Search

Global Search is located at the top of the webpage always. This search not only searches for Schools using Name and Location, but will also allow you to search for other contacts and information. Schools are notated with a "building" contact.

Search By Name

Search by name bar is located in the top right corner of the grid. This will do a strict search based on what you type. For instance, if you are looking for Martin Luther King JR High School in Riverside, CA you will be unable to find it if you search “MLK” or “Martin Luther King HS.” If you search for a high school and are unable to find it immediately, try to just use one of the words in the name and then scroll through the list of results.

Search By Alpha

The search by alphabetical tool is at the top of the grid. For example, if you are trying to find a school that you know starts with the letter ‘X’ but you can’t remember how to spell the school, you can click the X at the top of the grid and search through the schools that start with that letter.

Search By Filters

Finally, you can use the facets on the left hand side of the screen to search for High Schools. You can narrow the search by State, County, City, Assigned Coach and Area Code. Once you select the State, and then filter to a city, the list will repopulate with just the schools in that City. This tool is very useful when searching in areas where many of the schools have the same name and are given a geographic tag such as “South Adams” and “Adams Central” in Indiana.

Adding and Searching for High Schools on a Recruits Profile

You can add a recruit to a high school from the recruit’s profile page. To do so, select the edit button (the pencil icon along the top right) and go to the high school drop down at the top of their profile. You can search for the high school by typing in that drop down box. When searching, it is a best practice to use the name of the school as well as the city the school is in to narrow down the search and quickly find the correct high school. Once you’ve found the high school, click on its name and it will automatically add the high school to the recruit’s profile and add the recruit to the list of recruits at that high school.

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