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Note: There are a large number of permissions that can be controlled at a very granular level within ARMS. We recommend that you work with ARMS Support if you would like to make any changes so we can help guide you through the process.

Security Permissions define a user's access to certain pages and/or actions in ARMS. They can be as broad as allowing full access to the entire site (System Administrator) to as strict as allowing a user to only complete online workflow forms (Workflow User).

ARMS has standard security roles configured out of the box that provide the basic access needed for most users:

  • System Administrator (full access)

  • Department (Student-Athlete, Staff & Workflow Forms Management)

  • Compliance (Compliance, Student-Athlete, Staff & Workflow Forms Management)

  • Advancement (Alumni & Constituent Management)

  • Coach (Recruit and Student-Athlete Management - Sport Specific)

  • Athletic Training (Student-Athlete & Workflow Forms Management)

  • Student-Athlete (Workflow Use only)

  • Workflow User (Staff Workflow Use only)

While these roles are standard and typically cover the needs of most staffs, ARMS security permissions and roles are very flexible. As many roles as needed can be created and permission can be modified on any role as needed.

For help configuring new or modifying existing security permissions, please contact our Support Team at

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