As a Coach or Administrator, users are able to view the check-in location for each Student-Athlete's class schedule on the Check-In Management page.

Module: Calendar
Page: Check-In Management

To view the check-in time and location of a student-athlete you will first need to select the applicable filter you want to use for viewing the check-in management screen, i.e. by sport and/or group.

Using the available filter to filter by sport then by which group of student-athletes you would like to view the check-in information, will help narrow the set of the results. If there is a set filter that you use the most, you can set it as your default view by checking the Make this my default view option in the bottom right corner.

Once you have applied the filters you will be able to view a daily or weekly summary of each Student-Athlete's event check-in details.

Daily View:

On the daily view, we color code each event to show users whether or not check-in was missed, completed, or if the event has yet to occur.

Red: An event displayed in Red means the Student-Athlete did not check into the event.

Green: An event displayed in Green means the Student-Athlete successfully checked into the event.

Sky Blue: An event displayed in Sky Blue means the event is currently open for check-in.

Navy Blue: An event displayed in Navy Blue means the event is not open for check-in yet.

Clicking on a Green event will open a miniature google map that displays the location of the Student-Athlete at the time of check-in.

In the top right-hand corner, users have the ability to filter even further based on the specific event type. By clicking on each of those filters, you can view or hide classes, team events, events where check-in has been completed, events where a check-in was missed, events where check-in is still open, and future events. The color of each filter corresponds to the type of event it will display or hide, you can hover your mouse over the filter to view specifically what each filter does.

Weekly View:

When viewing the Check-In Management screen in the Weekly view, we display a summary of each Student-Athlete's Check-In required events over the course of a week. The filters on this screen work exactly the same way as viewing this screen in the Daily view.

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