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 Page: High Schools

High School Coach Assignments

ARMS has a database of over 30,000 High Schools and Junior Colleges in the United States and Canada. These schools can be found under the Recruiting Module using the ‘High School’ tab. In this database, we provide all the school’s contact information.

Methods to update your High School Assignments

It is up to you to assign your coaches to their recruiting territories. There are two ways you can update your High school assignments in ARMS, Bulk Assignments through Import or Manual Assignment through self service.

Bulk Assignments through Import

If you have an Excel or CSV file with your High School Territory assignments, you can forward that into us and we will bulk assign your coaches territories and the corresponding recruits. We will need the following:

  • Coaches Name

  • The States, Counties, City, or Area Code Breakdown

Helpful Hint:Send your file to ARMS at The required formats are Excel or CSV with column headers.

Manual Assignments through Self Service

Using the High Schools page in Recruiting Module you can update your coach assignments by:

  • Select the High Schools page from the Recruiting Module.

  • Use the search drop-downs on the left hand side of the screen to filter your list.

  • Click on the checkboxes next to the High Schools that you need to assign.

  • Click on the Menu button at the top right of the grid.

  • Select Assign Coach from the menu.

  • Choose from the options to - Schools and All Recruits, Schools and All Unassigned Recruits, or Schools Only.

Helpful Hint: When updating your High School Assignments, Work big to small! Start with assigning those coaches that have full states and then work you way down to county, city, or area code assignments.

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