ARMS offers you the tools to ensure your student-athletes are where they are scheduled to be by using the mobile app to track the time and location of check-in/out of scheduled classes and athletic events on your team calendar.

Getting Set Up

There are 3 steps you must complete in order to get mobile check-ins setup for your school/sport:

Step 1: Import Class Schedules

Work with your registrar to get your student-athlete's class schedules downloaded into an excel spreadsheet. Please follow our requirements in the Course/Grade Import Requirements article for providing this spreadsheet to

Step 2: Download the Mobile App

In order for your Student-Athletes to check-in and out of their classes they will need download the ARMS Mobile app. From this app they will receive push notifications reminding them when they are required to check into and out of their events.

Step 3: Update Check-In Requirement

Update the Student-Athlete Check-In Requirement for your Student-Athletes to "Yes". You can set it for all of your student-athletes or only specific student-athletes you would like to track, i.e. "At Risk" athletes.

This can be done from either the Team or Department modules by selecting the checkbox next to the student-athletes you need to update, and selecting "Update Class Check-In Requirement" from the action menu at the top-right.

Step 4: Setting up Check-Ins on Events

To set up check-ins for your practices, weight lifting sessions, etc., you just need to check the "Check-in Required" checkbox for that event and select the amount of time they have to check-in. This is done on an event-by-event basis, so you will need to do this for each event you want your Student-Athletes to check-in to (non-class events).

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